Dawson Butte is a magnificent natural Butte (flat top mountain)  which borders the majority of the west side of Keene Ranch.

The 1500 acre parcel extends from Keene Ranch west, almost to Highway 105.   Dawson Butte became public in 2010.

The total protected acreage of Dawson Butte open to the public is 828 acres.  Douglas Land Conservancy holds the conservation easement on the property and Douglas County owns the property.  There is an additional 200 acres owned by the Douglas County on the North side of the Butte and a 400 acre private conservation easement property on the Northwest side and top of the Butte protected.  These parcels are not open to the public and are Elk calving grounds.

Keene Ranch Residents are able to enjoy majestic views of 1500 acres of open space, where wildlife abounds. Not only do the residents simply get to gaze upon this tremendous open area, they also get to play in it.

Dawson Butte has a trail head and parking lot off of Tomah, just to the west entrance of Keene Ranch.  Keene Ranchers may either walk, ride, or drive to this parking lot.  From the parking area, there is a 5 mile loop trail with access to the north or south side of the parking lot.  From the 5 mile main trail, are several smaller trails that break off.  Throughout the open space you can enjoy huge meadows with mountain views, forested areas with towering pines, and some rocky boulder areas as well. The area is gently rolling terrain with a sandy trail which makes it easy for hiking or riding.

Trail use includes hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers.  There are no motorized vehicles allowed.  Dogs are welcome, but required to be on leashes due to the extensive wildlife in the area, and the popularity of the equestrians use of the area. The area contains over 60 horse jumps!  The elevation ranges from 6700 feet at the high point (trail head) to 6400 feet at the low point. (Meadow)  Throughout the trail are various bench areas for resting  or bring a picnic lunch for the picnic table areas.

Not only does the wildlife abound here, but the wildflowers as well.  Many enthusiasts from bird watchers to gardeners love to come and visit. The views are tremendous and the size of Dawson Butte in the back ground is awe inspiring. Dawson Butte is a day park only.  There is no camping  or camp/picnic fires of any type allowed.

One of my favorite things about Dawson Butte is if the parking lot seems full, it is so large there is still plenty of open area and privacy.  It’s like being in the mountains without having to do the drive!  Water is not available at this park, so be sure to bring your own water for you and your pets. My husband Larry and I ride this area at least twice a month, and we never get tired of it.

Wildlife includes fox, coyote, raccoons, porcupines, deer, elk, black bear, bob cat and periodically the elusive mountain lion.  Be sure to have your camera ready!

Does this sound like the area you would like to live in?

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