Keene Ranch is located in the foothills south and west of the Denver Metro Area.  The elevation at the high point is close to 7000 feet above sea level so Keene Ranch is considerably higher than the Denver Metro Area.  This is very helpful in the summer, keeping our temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below the metro area with a nice breeze. Between the elevation change coming from Denver and the breeze, typically our air is very clean compared to the metro area.

Spring time runs approximately 2 weeks behind Denver due to the elevation.  This 2 week period seems strange when visiting Denver and the leaves are out, and upon returning home there are not yet any leaves.  Yet the spring wildflowers will soon be boasting their lovely colors, and the gamble oak (the last to leaf out) stays green all summer, waiting to show off its beautiful fall foliage of golds, oranges and browns in mid to late September.  Many people drive to the mountains to view the Aspen.  Coming to Douglas County to view the gamble oak can be just as spectacular!

People ask me if we get snow in Keene Ranch.  This is Colorado at 7000 feet above sea level, so of course we get snow!  The good news is that with 300 days of sunshine a year, the snow does not last and melts quite quickly.  Some of the most spectacular scenes I have seen out here in 20 years are views of winter wonderlands.  The roads are always plowed and passable (see roads) but you are responsible for clearing your own drive.  Many Keene Ranch Residents hire contractors to do this at very reasonable costs.