Keene Ranch Covenants

I am happy to say that Keene Ranch has a very reasonable and inexpensive homeowner ‘s association.  The annual fee for each lot owner is $295 a year.( See the neighborhood comparison chart!)Covenants and Restrictions are necessary to keep a community looking nice and presentable.  (drive through some of the older acreage communities and you will see why we have them)  but on the other hand, our covenants and restrictions are some of the least restrictive compared to other surrounding types of acreage estate neighborhoods.

The HOA is not breathing down your neck so to speak, or watching your every move.  They hold an annual meeting for the membership in December, and monthly meetings for the board members which any home owner is welcome to attend.  The rules are typical and nothing out of the ordinary.   Construction needs to be approved prior to building, along with any fencing or improvements upon the property.

One of Keene Ranch’s great benefits is it’s 16 to 18 miles of trails throughout the neighborhood.  Very few communities offer a private trail system.  You may hike or ride your horse for miles upon miles.  The community looks very different from the trails rather than the roads.  The trails all have names along with “you are here” signs to help guide you. Don’ forget your camera. It’s a great opportunity to spot our neighborhood wildlife.


The trail easements are 50 feet in width through the interior, and 25 feet in width on the exterior boundary trails of Keene Ranch.  Almost all of the 247 lots have access to one of the trails.  Any fencing a home owner would like to install along the trail easement needs to be set 25 feet inside their property line with your neighbor contributing 25 feet on their side of the property line, thus creating the 50 foot width trail.  The home owner association does have a trails committee, which checks on the trails, and keeps them mowed and maintained.  I have attached a trails map of the community.Keene Ranch does not own any community property, so there are no worries or expenses regarding the upkeep and maintenance of parks or recreation centers,  thus keeping the home owner association dues very low.

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