At this time, there are approximately 65 horses residing in Keene Ranch and the number is growing. Why? Because Keene Ranch has such a great location for Equestrians of all types.  Many of the newer communities planned in the area will require horses being placed in a central barn facility for one community. Here in Keene Ranch, you may still have your horses and barn right on your property. Regardless of the size of each lot in Keene Ranch, the well allow for a maximum of 4 large domestic animals to each lot.

There are all different types horses and disciplines of riding in Keene Ranch.

Trail Riding –  Many horse owners enjoy riding their horses out on the beautiful trails within Keene Ranch.  There is nothing like saddling your horse in your own barn, and being able to ride right off your property for the day! The trail easements are 25 to 50 feet wide, and well maintained by the home owner’s association.  Trail markers are placed periodically throughout so you know where you are at.  The neighborhood looks different from the trails than the road! Even if you typically don’t trail ride your horse, you may want to learn to enjoy our post card setting! From the Keene Ranch Trails, you may also connect to the Beautiful Dawson Butte Open Space. There is one small strip that parallels Tomah Road, so you want to know if your horse is spooked by vehicle traffic or parking lot traffic prior to attempting this. I ride on the average once a week to Dawson Butte, and my horses are very used to it.

Trailering Out – Of course, all horses and riders get tired of riding the same places, no matter how beautiful.  Keene Ranch has a fabulous location, with several different open space areas to ride all within a 20 to 30 minute trailer ride. Douglas County has done an incredible job of securing open spaces, and many of them allow horses.  From Keene Ranch you may easily trailer to: Greenland Open Space, Spruce Mountain Open Space, Hidden Mesa Open Space, Sharptail Open Space, Lincoln Mountain Open Space, which are all owned by Douglas County Open Space.  For further information on these trails and others,

There are other places to ride also within the 20 to 30 minutes which include:  Mount Herman and Fox Run in Monument, Chatfield State Park, Indian Creek, and many other places.  I highly recommend purchasing a Colorado Equine Trails Book and you will be amazed at all Colorado has to offer trail riders in our area!

Hunter Jumpers/Dressage-Western Pleasure – Many Keene Ranch Residents enjoy competing with their horses, and Douglas County has a lot to offer.  You may have an outdoor arena to keep your horses in shape and tuned up.  There are many local shows and competitions, along with the Colorado Horse Park being 30 minutes away.

Donkeys, Mules and Miniatures – Keene Ranch is home to donkeys and mules, along with a few miniature horses as well!

Trainers – New to horse ownership or new to trail riding?  There are local trainers who come in to Keene Ranch, along with local farriers and vets to assist you in your horse needs.

Supplies – There are 2  private feed stores in Castle Rock and a Tractor Supply. There is a Murdochs in Sedalia and a Big R Store located in both Monument and Elizabeth.

Horse Riding Groups – There are several different riding groups within the area.  From Western Trail Riders to Gaited Horse Groups and residents who ride together in Keene Ranch and other close communities.  These groups are very easy to join and full of very friendly people!

Fencing for your horses – The approved fencing in Keene Ranch is the 3 rail wooden dowel fence.  However, as time has gone on and more horse owners have moved into the area, the Home Owner Association recognizes that horse panels make much more sense around your paddock and barn areas.  As long as the panels are of an earthtone color, they are allowed. Fencing and panels and the size of the paddock areas need to be approved by the home owner association prior to installing.

Barns – A barn in Keene Ranch may be a maximum of 2,500 square feet, and not be any taller than 65 feet in height. Some Keene Ranch Residents have combined barns with extra garage and storage space.  The barn may not be a metal structure, and should  match the house in color. It may be constructed of wood, brick, stucco, siding or whatever you prefer. If you need assistance in constructing or planning a barn, please contact me and I will be able to refer you to a few reputable contractors. Any barns or outbuildings need to be approved by the Keene Ranch Home Owner Association prior to installing.

Trailers – You may keep your trailer on your property long term if it is housed within the barn or storage area.  Some residents barns have been built to hold their trailer, while other residents store their trailers off site at storage facilities and private residences close to Keene Ranch.  Your trailer may be out in the open at your property while you are coming and going, cleaning it, etc.  This is the same requirement for boats, rvs, and other vehicles in Keene Ranch.

Have other questions regarding the Horse Life in Keene Ranch?  I currently own 2 Registered Paints and a Rocky Mountain.  I would love to hear from you!

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