The Keene Ranch Real Estate Specialist – I have been a Keene Ranch Resident for almost 20 years and I have handled over 135 real estate sales in Keene Ranch alone.  Keene Ranch has a lot of ins and outs and rural properties can have complications.  You need a Specialist who knows everything about the area.  Let me represent you at no cost to you!  Experience and Knowledge Count!

Existing Homes for Sale

Prices on existing homes in Keene Ranch range from the $800,000 range up to $3,000,000.

There is a lot of variance on the size and types of homes in the community, and the size of lot they are placed on.  This is one of the things which gives Keene Ranch so much character.  The majority of the homes and the average home in Keene Ranch is valued in the $1,000,000 to $2,000,00 range.  Obviously the economy, interest rates and the current supply and demand of the rural estate homes all make a difference and impact the values.  The market value of any home fluctuates just as the value of any investments in the stock market.

Home values have been rising  in the past few years in Keene Ranch and the inventory is low.  If you are interested in Keene Ranch, I have the inside track as to what is happening on the real estate front.  Please contact me and I will be happy to assist you with any homes currently available, or those which may be coming on the market.

Vacant Land

Keene Ranch is now close to being fully built out.  There is approximately a dozen lots not yet built on.  There is not a required build out time when you own a lot in Keene Ranch, nor are you required to use a certain builder.

Currently there are just a few lots available, priced from $300k on up.  If you really want to build a new home in Keene Ranch, please contact me.  I sometimes know of lots which an owner may consider selling but is not formally on the market