As I have stated before, Keene Ranch is a very unique and special place to live.
One of the largest benefits of living in Keene Ranch (besides the incredible mountain views, pristine vistas, clean air and abundant wildlife) is the fact that our roads are maintained by Douglas County.

Unlike the majority of other custom acreage communities in the area, there are no private contractors to worry about, expenses for pot holes, cracks in the asphalt or snow removal.  No special assessments, no large home owner fees to cover this expense.
Nope – not here in our little piece of heaven on earth!  Our roads are totally maintained by the Douglas County Roads and Bridge Division, at no additional expense to the residents.  And they do a great job!  Snow Plows are out very early in the morning, clearing and sanding our roads.

In the summer months they mow the shoulders of the road, and repaint the stripes.  The other day I discovered a pot hole beginning in front of my house.  One call or email in to Douglas County – and it was fixed within 48 hours.  What an incredible benefit to Keene Ranch Residents!

RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TAXES – I know I keep saying this and you are probably getting tired of reading it, but once again Keene Ranch shines above all the other acreage estate communities.  Our property taxes are the lowest, absolutely the lowest they can possibly be in rural Douglas County.
The tax base is comprised of the standard Douglas County mill levies for the schools, law enforcement local cemetery, soil conversation district and the Douglas County Libraries and the Fire Department.  That’s it!!  No special metro districts, no bonds, no debt owed anywhere for Keene Ranch Residents to pay off.  As for the mill levy assessments in the other surrounding communities you may be considering purchasing in and compare.   Keene Ranch’s total tax rate is under 8.5% per year which converts to 84.375 mills.

VACANT LAND TAXES – Vacant Land in Douglas County is actually assessed at a higher tax rate than residential properties.  This means that once you build a house on your vacant lot, your taxes may even go down once your home is completed and the county has assessed its value.  The vacant land parcels in Keene Ranch have a total tax rate of approximately 8.4226.  The taxes collected for the vacant land parcels are the same exact entities listed above, just a slightly different rate.

For more information on property taxes and how the county assesses and values your property, contact the Douglas County Assessor at: