Keene Ranch is very unique in the fact that being large lot (acreage) estate properties, there are still underground utilities as in the city.  No ugly overhead electric lines or propane tanks to be concerned with in Keene Ranch.

NATURAL  GAS – Each lot in Keene Ranch is supplied with a natural gas line throughout the neighborhood.  There are not any “tap fees or hidden fees” to connect to the natural gas line as several other custom communities charge. There is a gas tap right at the front of each lot. The natural gas is supplied by Black Hills Energy.
For further info:
888- 890 -5554

– Each lot in Keene Ranch is supplied with underground electric at the front of each lot and each individual lot has its own meter. In Filing One, which there are very few lots left to build on, but there may be a slight tap fee for electric hookup in this area only. The rest of the vacant lots in Keene Ranch in Filing 2 and 3 do not have this fee. This would be for new construction, only. When purchasing an existing home there are not any fees. Electric is supplied by Intermountain Rural Electric Association.
For further info: IREA (Intermountain Rural Electric Association)

– At the time Keene Ranch was developed in the late 90’s, Douglas County and the State of Colorado Division of Water Resources compiled and approved an augmentation plan.  This plan allows a well to be placed on each individual site. The wells are drilled in to the Denver Aquifer, making the wells at least 250 feet below the land surface and can extend to 1065 feet.  Each home owner is deeded 1 acre foot water rights, which allows the use of 43,560 feet of water per year.  The wells are metered.  Each resident may water up to 13,000 square feet of lawn or garden.   Each resident may water up to 4 large domestic animals, as allowed by the well permit.Neighboring communities may boast of their own community water systems, but their water source is still underground well water.  Living with your own private well grants you the control of usage and pressure, along with any filtering you may, or may not desire (our water tastes and looks great!)  Plus, one of the best parts is you never have a water bill to pay, any tap fees or daily watering restrictions to deal with!

In purchasing, selling or building on property in Keene Ranch, it is important that the one acre water rights is also deeded to the new owner. For assistance on this subject, please fee free to contact me, your Keene Ranch Resident and Real Estate Specialist:  Lesli Fritts  303.263.0558

Here are the recommended well contractors who are very familiar with Keene Ranch:

Hier Drilling – 303-688-3012
Nordon Pumps – 303-688-3794SEWER – Each lot in Keene Ranch has its own septic and leach field system.  The systems are designed by the engineer who has performed the soils and perculation tests on the lot.  The majority of the systems in Keene Ranch are a 2 tank system, and a large leach field which can be switched between 2 different absorption fields.  Living with a septic system and leach field is really not any different than living on a public sewer system.  You do want to be a little more careful with what goes down the system, and have the tank pumped every 2 to 3 years to keep it running smoothly.  Once again, there are not any tap fee costs nor do you ever pay a sewer bill!  The installation of septic systems are approved by Tri County Health prior to building.

In purchasing or sellling a home in Keene Ranch there are new restrictions and permits required by Tri County Health regarding septic systems.  For assistance on this subject, please feel free to contact me, your Keene Ranch Resident and Real Estate Specialist:  Lesli Fritts  303.263.0558

TELEPHONE AND HIGH SPEED INTERNET – Each lot in Keene Ranch has an underground line for phone and high speed DSL.  The lines are installed and serviced by Century Link, For further info:  www.Centurylink.comAdditional Providers:
Kellin Communications –
Hughes –

TELEVISION – television signals are secured by satellite provider.  The options at this time are:

Direct TV
Dish Network

Waste Removal:
Waste removal is hired on an individual preference. Different companies come on different days of the week. Here are some that service Keene Ranch and there maybe other companies that service as well.

Waste Management

Suburban Waste