You have heard me mention the abundance of Keene Ranch wildlife. I am a Colorado Native, and I have seen more wildlife while living in Keene Ranch than visiting or camping in the mountains or even Yellowstone!

Nothing more makes your heart soar than observing a baby hawk flying from the nest the first time.  View the quiet solitude of a herd of deer grazing upon the hill side.  The surrounding area of Keene Ranch hosts one of the largest Elk populations in the western states.  In the fall you may hear the Bulls bugling, and the clashing of their huge antlers during mating season.  We also get to enjoy the buffalo herd that resides off of Tomah Road, just across from Keene Ranch.

Keene Ranch is home to fox, coyote, several species of birds including predatory birds, bob cats, lynx, black bear and mountain lion.
With a great foothill location and tons of open space, the Keene Ranch Wildlife make this their home.  As a Keene Ranch Resident, we do our best to remember they were here first.  This is their territory and we are the visitors. Becoming aware and educating yourself to the dos and don’ts of keeping our wildlife safe (as well as yourselves) is a must. No hunting or firearms are allowed within our safe haven. We respect out wildlife and relish the viewing of it in our community.

Here are some wildlife photos taken within Keene Ranch:

    This bobcat lives somewhere between my home and our neighbors.  He has been spotted now several times. Isn't he beautiful?? We now have wild turkeys in Keene Ranch!
Lucky for them it is not Thanksgiving time.