ZONING – The Keene Ranch zoning status with Douglas County is considered a PDNU which stands for a Planned Development – non urban.  Douglas County is very forward thinking and is taking many steps to preserve our open areas and agricultural farm and ranches which make up such a large part of southern Douglas County.

SUBDIVIDING – Keene Ranch was approved through Douglas County with agreements to keep the area as open as possible with the least impact on the vegetation and wildlife that abound in the area.  This means that any lots in Keene Ranch cannot be further subdivided.  A resident may elect to own more than one contiguous lot, (and some Keene Ranch Residents do just that) but there can be no further division of any parcel.BUILDING RESTIRCTIONS – Some lots may have building restrictions as to where the home can be placed for the least of impact to the ridgelines in the community.  But these restrictions are far and few between.  The set backs for each lot for building is 100 feet from the road, and 50 feet from the back and side property lines.

– Each lot may have up to 3 buildings which may be a combination of the main house, guest house, barn – or main house, green house, barn, etc.  There are height and  square footage restrictions which may be located within the covenants and restrictions.

HORSES AND EQUINE – Any lot in Keene Ranch may have up to 4 equine despite the size or the location of the lot as in other subdivisions.  Equine includes horses, whether large or small, donkeys or mules.  One home owner in Keene Ranch has 4 miniature donkeys, which are absolutely adorable!

FENCING – any lot may be fenced in Keene Ranch.  The 3 rail wooden dowel fence is the preferred fencing.  There are additional types of fencing approved for horse paddocks and dog kennels.   Fencing is not allowed over the trail easements throughout the community so all residents may enjoy them. The specifics may be found in the Keene Ranch Covenants.